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Development of a tailor made methodological action plan

The interest in promoting and developing integration policies has been increased in the last few years, not only nationally, but also on EU level. The aim of this project is to promote the active participation of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in important aspects of local community and societal life and strengthen interactions with members of the local community. In this framework, the project’s objective is on the one hand to empower Third Country Nationals providing them with skills in order to come closer to the local society, and on the other, to strengthen the abilities and competencies of local actors, so as to promote and enhance the conditions for a smooth integration of the Third Country Nationals. Towards this aim, the project team will initially proceed with the identification of best practices through desk and qualitative research on the subject area of Integration Policies on EU and National Level.

The city of Thessaloniki has been selected in order to implement the model of our project. The reasons for selecting this city lie on the fact that a large number of migrants within mainland Greece is hosted in Northern Greece, especially in the city-centre and outskirts of Thessaloniki. Thus, in order to better understand the situation of Thessaloniki, further research on mapping the key field actors will be conducted.

The research findings will influence the development of a tailor made methodological action plan which will be developed on the following rationale:

  • Identify the best practices on Integration Policies on EU and National Level,
  • identify the field actors in the city of Thessaloniki and acquire – through interviews – in depth information on 5 thematic areas (healthcare, social care needs, education, employment, intercultural coexistence) in relation to the integration of Third Country Nationals,
  • empower all target groups involved,
  • networking and organizing common activities.

All these activities fall under the implementation of Work Package 1.

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