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CMT Prooptiki is an independent consulting firm which provides expertise in such fields as health and social care, social and economic development, education and lifelong learning, civic rights and engagement. For more than 20 years, CMT has provided value-adding consultancy services to public and private sector organizations as well as to civil society organizations.

CMT provides a wide range of services – from providing Policy and Strategy Development services to conducting Research and Evaluations, Capacity Building, Trainings as well as Dissemination and Communication services.

Team Members

Tasos Mastroyiannakis

Tasos Mastroyiannakis

Health economist and Co‐Director

Mr. Tasos Mastroyiannakis (PCP) is a health economist and a co‐Director of CMT Prooptiki. His is involved in LION as Project Coordinator. He has studied management and he holds a postgraduate degree on Health Services. He has more than 15 years’ experience in planning and managing EU funded projects in the fields of public health, lifelong learning and skills development, social inclusion (e.g. Life Long Learning, FP7, Health, EQUAL or by the Greek structural funds). He was the lead consultant in the evaluation of the EU funded “Common Action for Refugees’ and other migrants’ health” (CARE) project.

Maria Poulopoulou

Maria Poulopoulou

Political Scientist and Project Officer

Ms. Maria Pouloupoulou (research analyst) is a political scientist and project officer at CMT Prooptiki. She is involved in LION project as a researcher for project’s impact assessment and dissemination activities.

She holds a Masters’ degree in International Relations and Political Psychology. In the past 3 years she is voluntarily collaborating with the University of Birmingham (UoB), as a researcher in various projects. Among others she has experience in data mining, data management and processing, skills acquired through her collaboration with the UoB and through her internship at the Joint Research Center (European Commission’s Research Hub). Her research interests focus on Emotional Intelligence, Conflict management, International and Social Mediation, Migration, LGBTIQ+ and Roma Communities, Political and Behavioral Psychology.

Caroline Antunes

Caroline Antunes

Political Scientist and Project Manager

Ms. Caroline Antunes (researcher/ assistant PCP) is a political scientist and project manager at CMT Prooptiki. She is involved in LION project as Senior project manager. She has 7 years of work experience in the higher education and development cooperation sectors in Europe and Asia. She is skilled in the management and evaluation of EU-funded projects aimed at supporting fundamental human rights and achieving sustainable development goals. She has successful work experience in government (including French Ministry of Justice) and academic institutions, the private sector and with multilateral organisations and NGOs. She has developed an in-depth knowledge of EU institutions and policies and holds a Masters’ degree in International Affairs with a focus on EU and post-soviet space.

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