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Building relationships and cooperative mechanisms

Building relations of confidence and trust constitute an essential precondition in order to meet the aims of the project. In this context, a series of capacity building activities will be carried out targeting both Third Country Nationals and relevant stakeholders, such as hospital staff, police officers and teachers. The aim is on the one hand to prepare the host society to establish close relations with Third Country Nationals and create cooperative mechanisms, and on the other, to help Third Country Nationals to achieve an active participation into a wide range of activities in the society.

Thereinafter, activities concerning direct contact of Third Country Nationals with the local community will be implemented. They will be carried out gradually, beginning with initiating Third Country Nationals to familiarize themselves with the city’s history and culture sites, and finally with people living in it. Initially, this objective will have the form of visit-making by the Third Country Nationals in several points in the city, which are perceived to be necessary for promoting integration. Children, adolescents and adults will participate in such visits in respective groups. The project team will follow an approach of “Get to know my city” and “Get to know the people of my city”.

All these activities fall under the implementation of Work Package 2

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